Creative Pet Funny Cat Artifact Simulation Fish Cat Toy Interactive Plush Trick Cat Pet Toy

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☆Swinging fish cat toy: This kind of simulated fish can vibrate like a real fish. The owner can squeeze the airbag back and forth to make the fish tail swing freely, and the cat will become more interesting when playing. The design is not charged, and there is no need to replace the battery. long-term use.
☆ Take good care of your pet: This lively fish toy will bring a lot of fun to your cat, so that you will not feel lonely when you go out, reduce stress and reduce the desire to destroy furniture.
☆Catnip toys: Fish toys are full of catnip, which can stimulate the cat's emotions and relieve the cat's emotions and stress.
☆High-quality material: cotton and linen lint, soft texture, will not hurt the cat's paws. Very suitable for biting, chewing and kicking, sleeping.
☆Realistic and interesting: The appearance of the artificial fish adopts 3D printing technology, the appearance is very realistic, no charge design, safe and will not scare the cat, thus inspiring the cat's hunting interest.


Material: plush
Weight: 64g
Size: 130mm
Style A: Marine fish
Style B: dog tail
Style C: Horsetail

Style D: Crucian carp
Style E: Cat tail

Package Content:

1 x Cat toy